Trash becomes Mulch! Free for Pick up at Virginia Key Compost Facility

The department of Solid Waste has come up with a sustainable way to reuse “clean yard trash” and in return provide a useful material, such as mulch, to the citizens of Miami. The Mulch created by the Solid Waste dept. is donated to local area farmers and the rest is provided to the public free of charge. It is simple to make a request and set up a pick up time to visit the Virginia Key facility and get your fresh load of mulch.

 The process begins with the collection of yard debris and clippings, which are then sorted through. The thicker material found, such as branches and other approved landscape scraps are then put through a shredder and turned into mulch.

Mulch is a very beneficial resource for plant beds, trees and even vegetable gardens. This material can be store bought and comes in either organic or inorganic forms, offering protection against erosion and moisture loss. Since the mulch provided by Solid Waste is made from recycled material it is considered organic, and naturally benefits the soil by enrichment.

Contact Monica Crowther, Virginia Key Composting Facility Supervisor to make a request for mulch.

Phone : (786) 735-7178

Or visit their website for more information:

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