Call for Papers!! Miami Browfield Job Training Program

The Miami Brownfield Job Training Program is accepting applications until the end of the week! This program was established to provide residents with the opportunity to acquire skills used within the environmental and green industries, which will make them highly qualified individuals to work in those sectors.The MBJTP is available to City of Miami residents free of charge and does require full participation.

Those participating in the program will learn about protecting the environment, responding to hazardous emergency situations, investigating contaminated property, applying technologies for contamination cleanup and property redevelopment.

The next class cycle will begin sometime in February of this year and will last about two and a half months. Class attendance is required, so make sure you are flexible. The times for class vary, but generally run between 8:00am and 5:00pm, sometimes lasting all day or even all week but this depends on the topic being covered.

To Apply click on this link and fill out the application:MBJTP Form

Submit the form via fax at 305-400-538 or scan and e-mail to

For more information contact:

Harry James at  305-416-1468

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